Booking a Private Tour


Dani is available as a private guide throughout the year. His bookings are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. In theory, he does not require more than a day's advance notice for his services, but the sooner a reservation is made, the greater the chance he will be able to guide on a given date. The summer months are especially busy, and early booking is highly recommended for that time.

Dani does not normally work on Shabbat (Friday evening and Saturday), although he has at times consented to guiding walking tours of Jerusalem on Shabbat.


Dani's standard daily rates* (all prices in US dollars) are:

Up to 4 Customers
5 or More Customers
Regular Rate
Within the Greater Jerusalem area: $300
Outside the Greater Jerusalem area: $350
High Season**
Within the Greater Jerusalem area: $360
Outside the Greater Jerusalem area: $380


*Prices apply to customers who contact Dani directly. Rates may be higher when an agent is involved.

*There is a surcharge of $100 per day for touring days that last more than 10 hours. This applies only to long days which are planned as such, or are lengthened at the customer's request; regular long days resulting from delays due to unforeseen circumstances (such as heavy traffic) are exempt from this surcharge.

**High season applies to the period of June 1st through September 15th inclusive; walking tours on Sabbaths; and Jewish and other holiday periods, such as the weeks of Sukkot and Hannukah, the Christmas break, and the Passover break (beginning roughly two weeks before Passover starts). For full details, please contact Dani.

For very short day tours, there is an hourly rate of $100 for the first hour, and $80 for each subsequent hour, up to a maximum of the daily rate. Short tours on an hourly basis are not always available during high season.

Customers are generally responsible for the costs of Dani's room and board outside of the Jerusalem vicinity. In many cases, restaurants and hotels provide these services to tour guides at reduced rates or free of charge.

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