Getting Around

Small Groups and Local Touring

For local tours, especially in the Jerusalem area, small groups can usually get around easily by taking taxis and walking. For longer trips, they can rent a car or minibus in which to travel. Dani is quite willing to take care of all or most of the rental arrangements and he can drive any vehicle carrying up to ten passengers. He is more that happy to drive small groups around in rental vehicles while serving as their guide.

Hiring a Vehicle with a Driver

When larger groups are involved, Dani can arrange for any vehicle, including a bus of any size, along with a driver. Of course, customers are also free to make their own transportation arrangements.

A separate vehicle and driver may also be recommended for groups of all sizes when a tour includes some serious or semi-serious hiking, especially when the hike does not begin and end at the same point.

For additional information, please contact Dani.

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