Going Places with Dani

Dani is well experienced in guiding all parts of the country, both on foot and by car or bus. He especially enjoys designing new itineraries that suit the particular needs and interests of his clients. His specialties include walking tours of the Old City of Jerusalem, as well as nature-oriented hikes throughout the country.

Many first-time tourists in Israel take part in some form of organized tour. In theory, these packaged tours offer a perfect, painless, introduction to the country. Like packaged tours anywhere, however, they have a basic drawback. The tourist who joins one of these tours allows the organizers to choose his itinerary for him. He sees what they consider important, and must follow the pace set by the group. There is little room for individual tastes and inclinations. With Dani as your private guide, your tour of Israel will be tailor-made to suit your interests, and the pace will be up to you as well.

Making Jerusalem your Base

There is no place like Jerusalem. It is a city of vast contrasts, ancient ruins, modern tenements, people of every nationality, religion, and life style. And it's all draped in a golden aura of holiness which is both intriguing and problematic . Dani recommends choosing Jerusalem as the base for most of your touring in Israel. The Jerusalem area includes a boundless array of fascinating sites, and is within a relatively easy driving distance of most of the other important sites in the country.


In the future, Dani hopes to add detailed descriptions of possible itineraries for touring various regions of Israel. In the meantime, he has prepared brief descriptions of two of his favourites: the North and the Dead Sea.

For additional information, as well as advice about creating an itinerary, please contact Dani.

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