Meet Herbie the Ibex

Herbie the Herbivore

The image of a Nubian ibex we call "Herbie" has appeared on Dani's business card for many years. Herbie is affectionately known to Dani's family as "Herbie the Herbivore." Dani feels especially close to Herbie because both of them are vegetarians. (Dani has been a vegetarian for over twenty years.)

Nubian ibex (Capra ibex nubiana) are native to the Middle East, and are closely related to domestic goats. They are extraordinarily graceful animals, but, in Dani's humble opinion, not terribly bright. In Israel, they can be seen in large numbers throughout the arid regions of the south, especially near the Dead Sea and in the Negev and Judean Deserts.

In other parts of the Middle East, it is difficult for a person to get within a hundred yards of an ibex, but in many parts of Israel they have become so used to having people around that you can virtually pet them. Take a look at their horns and you'll probably reach the same conclusion Dani has, though - you don't really want to pet one of these guys.

A family of Nubian ibex (female and offspring) at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

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