Visiting Israel's North

A nutria nibbling on grass in the Hula Nature Reserve

Dani's single-day crash tour of the northeastern parts of Israel, beginning in Jerusalem at about 8 AM, and ending back in the city around well after dark, is very popular among hardy tourists with tight schedules. In the summer months, it typically includes a drive through northeastern (Upper) Galilee and around Lake Kinneret, and visits to spectacular lookout spots in the southern and central Golan Heights, the Tel Dan Nature Reserve and archaeological dig, and the towns of Tzfat (Safed) and Tiberias.

But Dani is also a master of the slow and gentle tour. He has been known to spend ten days in the north, giving families or individuals an in-depth, leisurely tour of the region. Such a tour would include natural wonders such as the lush areas around the sources of the Jordan River, an array of fascinating archeological digs, and many sites that bring the long and complex history of the area to life.

The Tel Dan Nature Reserve

The Dead Sea Region

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