Like any responsible tour guide, Dani has been taking great care lately to keep abreast of security risks and hazards on a day-to-day basis. Israeli friends regularly call him for advice on the safest way to get from A to B. His policy with regards to security is very simple: he won't take his customers anywhere he wouldn't take his own daughter. More precisely, he won't take his customers anywhere his wife wouldn't allow him to take his daughter. This has meant that at times he has had to forego some of his favourite haunts. But luckily, despite its tiny size, the country is almost limitless in terms of the possibilities it offers its visitors, even when one takes care to avoid risks.

Dani with his daughter, Debbie, at one of the observation points on Har Gilo, in 1999. Har Gilo is a serene mountaintop with spectacular views of Jerusalem and the Judean Hills. For years Dani would not venture to this impressive spot, either with his daughter or with his tour groups. Thankfully, the security situation has now improved and Dani is once again bringing people here.

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